Do you have a brilliant business idea? Do you want to become an entrepreneur?
Take a look at our “Introduction to entrepreneurship course” and find out if you have what it takes!

Find your business idea!

In this video you will learn how to identify a business opportunity and implement it in the ever-changing context where you are going to operate. Change can take many forms and can create business opportunities, but it is up to prospective entrepreneurs to connect the dots and adopt ideas and approaches that no one else has adopted before.

What is a business model?

Are you sure you already know everything you need to start up your own business? Is having a sound business idea enough to succeed? It’s never too late to strengthen the skills needed to start and grow a new business – if you know what they are. In this video you will learn what the available business models are and how you can use them to turn an idea into a business that can perform well in the market.

Why you should draft your business plan

In this video you will go deeper into your business idea by drafting your business plan and preparing a sound financial and economic plan. Challenge your idea by further developing it and learn how to make it effective.

How to search for financial resources

After completing your business plan as well as your economic and financial plan, you are ready to search for resources to fund the start-up of your business. Obtaining credit is not easy and requires both good preparation and building a positive reputation with the public and the financing circuits. In this video you will learn the first steps to secure investment!

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